Itโ€™s not uncommon for personal injury plaintiffs to be struggling financially. At Lawsuit Cash 24/7, we provide plaintiffs with financial relief. The victim of a personal injury may be out of work and canโ€™t afford the daily essentials, let alone an aggressive lawsuit. Medical expenses often add to the burden of paying the rent, bills, and other financial obligations.

Lawsuit Funding for Various Cases

We can fund a wide variety of personal injury cases. Our diverse expertise in the legal industry allows us to underwrite pre-settlement funding for the following claims:

  • Car Accidents: Car accident cases often involve serious injuries and high medical costs, not to mention insurance companies that will do anything not to pay up. Our non-recourse cash advances are more affordable than loans and provide the funds you need now.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcycles are at a greater risk of accidents than cars, and the associated injuries tend to be more severe and permanent. Lawsuit funding can let your attorney proceed and fight for the compensation you deserve, which can help you live as fulfilling a life as possible.
  • Medical Malpractice: A medical malpractice lawsuit typically involves going up against large, experienced insurance companies. Litigation can take time and mounting medical bills donโ€™t help. The insurers will do anything to make you want to give up, but a pre-settlement cash advance can help you move forward.
  • Wrongful Death: The unexpected death of a loved one can leave someone with a vast array of financial hardships. A lawsuit advance can cover the victimโ€™s lost earnings, funeral expenses, medical bills, loss of companionship, and more. Weโ€™ll take various factors into consideration so your life, and wrongful death lawsuit, can proceed despite the difficulties.

Pay Back the Cash Advance Only If You Win

Cash advances for plaintiffs are non-recourse, meaning you pay the funder back only if your case wins. We can afford to do this because of our expertise in the industry. Weโ€™ve seen many types of cases so we can determine the chances of your case winning or losing. Although we take on the risk, weโ€™ll offer a fair amount if the information your attorney provides points to another party being at fault.

The cash advance is taken out of your future settlement. At no point do you pay us out of pocket, and there are no hidden costs. When the settlement proceeds come in, your attorney will handle the transaction so that we get paid and you receive the balance of your settlement.

Get Your Cash Now

The legal process, and obtaining settlement proceeds, can take a long time. But getting your pre-settlement funding doesnโ€™t have to. The application process weโ€™ve created is simple. You can fill out and submit our form in minutes; and once we speak with your personal injury attorney, the money can be in your bank account in a day or two. In addition to a fast and easy process, we offer low rates and clear terms, so you have a fair and understandable agreement.

Also, you donโ€™t need to worry about being out of work or having bad credit. We offer lawsuit funding even if you are unemployed and donโ€™t run a credit check. Only the facts of your case are considered. We, therefore, work with plaintiffs facing a wide variety of challenges. If youโ€™re in need of a lawsuit cash advance in Los Angeles, have suffered a personal injury, and are working with an attorney, apply with Lawsuit Cash 24/7 online or call 213-927-5700 for help.

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