Wrongful Death Legal Funding

Wrongful deaths can be legally and financially catastrophic for the surviving members of the family or spouses.ย Apply online for wrongful death legal funding and get your cash in as little as 24 hours! Call Lawsuit Cash 24/7 at 866-318-3002 now to learn more.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loans

Wrongful death cases can last years and be fraught with delays on behalf of the defendant or defendants. Applying for a wrongful death lawsuit loan or wrongful death legal funding can provide much-needed financial assistance to those that are facing hardships associated with the unexpected death of their spouse or family member. The family can collect monetary damages to cover the cost of:

  • Lost earnings of the victim (past and projected income)
  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical bills
  • Mental health therapyย ย 
  • Pain and sufferingย 
  • Loss of companionshipย 
  • Punitive damagesย 

Lawsuit Cash 24/7 is eager to offer wrongful death lawsuit funding and pre-settlement loans to those that qualify. We take pride in helping individuals that otherwise could not manage to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit on their own. Having access to adequate funding during this difficult time is imperative. Our wrongful death lawsuit settlement loans can provide immediate relief.ย 

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If you are in need of quick cash while you wait for your case to settle or you are awaiting for your payment from a settled case, contact Lawsuit Cash 24/7 today for a lawsuit loan. If you do not win the case, you owe us absolutely nothing!

Compensation for Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Typically wrongful death cases involve substantial amounts of money. After all, the incident resulted in death, significantly raising the stakes. It is no surprise that insurance companies, medical institutions, doctors, caregivers and individuals would fight tooth-and-nail to avoid being held financially accountable for their gross negligence.ย 

So how much is a life worth according to the courts? Until you are on the surviving end of a wrongful death incident, you wouldnโ€™t normally ponder such a crude question, but it is a reality for some. There are a wide variety of factors that are taken into consideration when attempting to come to an amicable wrongful death settlement.ย 

  • Medical expensesย 
  • Funeral expensesย 
  • Value of health insurance, life insurance and pension (if applicable)
  • The age of the deceasedย 
  • Their earning capacity (based on past and projected earnings)ย 
  • The health of the deceased
  • Income at time of deathย 
  • Education, background and reputationย 
  • The needs and living circumstances of the victimโ€™s dependentsย 

When you try to calculate a wrongful death settlement, one must be sure that the plaintiffโ€™s claims can be backed by objective evidence. Just to put it into perspective, in 2010 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set the ballpark value on a human life, in its entirety, at $9.1 million. Financial experts may be called in to analyze the monetary value of the deceased. Plaintiffs should prepare themselves, as this is one of the more uncomfortable realities of a wrongful death lawsuit. ย 

Qualifying for Wrongful Death Settlement Funding

Getting immediate financial assistance may sound too good to be true, but it surely isnโ€™t. Qualifying for a wrongful death lawsuit loan or settlement funding may be easier than you think. Lawsuit Cash 24/7 works quickly to secure wrongful death legal funding for our clients. We specialize in providing adequate financial resources until you reach a just outcome. With our help you can manage existing medical bills, funeral expenses and the day-to-day costs that are no longer being taken care of in the absence of the deceased.ย 

There are two key components to qualify for wrongful death lawsuit loans, wrongful death post-settlement funding, or pre-settlement funding.ย 

  • Youโ€™ll need to have retained a wrongful death attorney or reputable legal counselย 
  • Neither you or your loved is at fault

Contact Lawsuit Cash 24/7 today to apply for wrongful death legal funding. If you qualify, our wrongful death settlement specialists will immediately contact your attorney and get the ball rolling.ย 

Lawsuit Cash 24/7 is here to make this journey an easier one. We purchase interest in the outcome of your wrongful death lawsuit. Or as a post-settlement advance, in the event the insurance company takes time to fulfill the claim, or the defendant is unable, or unwilling, to pay the entire balance at once.

Benefits of Wrongful Death Legal Funding

Wrongful death lawsuit funding can make an immediate impact on your familyโ€™s life moving forward. If you consider that you not only lost a loved one, but that your grieving process has been interrupted and even postponed due to someone elseโ€™s negligence, then youโ€™ll want some element of vindication.ย 

Simply put, wrongful death legal funding is just a way to fast-track your settlement and get instant access to funds that would be otherwise unattainable for a long period of time. This can help you and your family stay ahead of financial obligations without having to go into debt during this difficult time.ย 

  • Retain legal counselย 
  • Handle funeral costsย 
  • Pay off any debts of the deceasedย 
  • Maintain your existing quality of lifeย 
  • Any health costs relating to the deathย 

How Long Will My Wrongful Death Case Take to Settle?

It is important you act quickly to file your wrongful death lawsuit to get the most desirable outcome. Most states have a statute of limitations in place for wrongful death lawsuits. In California, you must file your wrongful death lawsuit within two years of the injury and subsequent death. Commonly, the statute of limitations is anywhere from two to seven years.ย ย 

The path ahead is long, but when you pair the efforts of an experienced wrongful death attorney and the financial backing of Lawsuit Cash 24/7, you have greatly increased your chances of getting the compensation you so justly deserve.ย 

Apply for Wrongful Death Legal Funding with Lawsuit Cash 24/7 Today

While no one can undo the past, there are ways to alleviate future financial stressors. Immediate financial relief is a phone call away. To receive your lawsuit advance within the next 24 hours, apply online,ย contact Lawsuit Cash 24/7ย or call (866) 323-1340 for wrongful death lawsuit funding or a wrongful death lawsuit settlement loan.

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