Pre-Settlement Funding

Plaintiffs traditionally relied on pre-settlement loans to cover their expenses while awaiting a lawsuit settlement. For someone who has faced a personal injury and its consequences, a loan can be prohibitively expensive. Pre-settlement funding is a non-recourse solution that provides financial assistance without a heavy financial burden.  After all, even if a settlement looks likely, a favorable outcome may be months or years away.

What is Pre-Settlement Funding?

Settlement funding is a type of lawsuit cash advance out of the proceeds you expect to receive in the future. An alternative to lawsuit loans, it is an option if you’ve sustained injuries in an accident that wasn’t your fault. You don’t pay back the advance unless your case wins. When the case settles, the funding company is remunerated from part of the settlement they purchased an interest in earlier.

The settlement advance can cover lost wages, medical expenses, and daily living costs. In a personal injury case, banks and credit unions are typically reluctant to issue a loan with only a potential legal settlement as collateral. But a pre-settlement funding company can provide the cash you need, with no upfront costs, which is helpful if you’re unable to work and have a range of expenses to pay while your case is pending.

With a pre-settlement cash advance, you can feel comfortable moving forward with a lawsuit. Plaintiffs who are strapped for cash may be pressured to drop their case or settle for less (which is the primary goal of most insurance companies). On the other hand, your attorney is on your side and focused on negotiating the highest settlement amount possible. A settlement advance enables you afford medical bills and living expenses while your attorney does the negotiating.

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How Pre-Settlement Funding Works

Most plaintiffs aren’t familiar with the concept. Rather than search for settlement loans near you, apply online and get approved without a credit check or employment verification. The pre-settlement funding company will then speak to your attorney and discuss the facts of your case. When the case has been fully evaluated, an offer is determined, which you have the right to accept or refuse without any risk. Or, you can choose to take as much as you need. Rather than deal with cash constraints while you wait for a settlement, why not receive much-needed funding now out of your future settlement proceeds?

How Much and How Soon Can You Get Funding?

The amount offered depends on your case. You can receive a lawsuit cash advance of as much as $100,000. The application process is simple. We know how important it is to stay current with your bills. It’s possible to get cash the same day you apply (it depends on how soon we get to speak to your attorney). Oftentimes, plaintiffs receive their funding in 24 hours.

Types of Claims Covered for Funding

You may qualify for pre-settlement funding if you’ve been the victim of any of the following:

Personal Injury
Car Accidents
Bicycle Accidents
Bus Accidents
Truck Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents
Medical Malpractice
Wrongful Death

Dog Bites/Animal Attacks
Premises Liability
Product Liability
Auto Recalls
Construction Accidents
Airplane Accidents
Defective Drugs
Defective Medical Devices

Non-Recourse Settlement Funding

Another advantage of settlement funding over settlement loans is you never pay any cash out of pocket. There’s no fee to apply for funding. You don’t owe anything back if the case doesn’t win. If your case loses, there’s nothing to worry about. Payback is out of your settlement and is contingent only on your case winning. The pre-settlement funding company assumes the risk in providing the funding you request.

Qualities to Look For in a Lawsuit Funding Company

A settlement advance can be extremely helpful to a plaintiff facing injuries, time out of work, and a mountain of bills. It helps endure a potentially long process until an appropriate settlement is agreed upon. But when you select a lawsuit funding company, it’s important to make sure the company offers the full advantages of pre-settlement funding.

The Top Qualities to Look for Include:

A Fast & Easy Process:

The last thing you need while injured and out of work is another delay. A reputable pre-settlement funding company calculates an offer based on the facts of your case and can deliver your funds quickly. The amount is determined only by your injuries, their effects, and the circumstances of your accident. You just supply the appropriate information; we do the rest and you can receive funds shortly after we review all the relevant facts.

Clear Terms:

A reputable lawsuit funding company will make sure any agreement drafted can be understood by the client. Other companies and issuers of settlement advance loans can write such complex agreements it is hard to figure out the terms of the contract. Never sign any agreement unless it makes sense to you. If you have any concerns or need clarification, review the agreement with your attorney before signing it.

Low Rates:

A fair lawsuit cash advance rate should be determined by your case. While settlement loans have exorbitant interest rates that have no context to your situation, a funding company will calculate the rate based on the probability of your case winning or losing. This risk-based model yields a lower rate. You shouldn’t be charged more than 3.5%. However, a company that charges a flat rate for all cases will probably set a much higher interest rate that makes a cash advance more costly to accept.

Professional Pre-Settlement Funding at Lawsuit Cash 24/7

If you, a loved one, or someone you know has been injured in an accident and wasn’t at-fault, Lawsuit Cash 24/7 can offer a settlement advance. We work with personal injury attorneys to determine a fair lawsuit cash advance to support your financial needs while you wait for a settlement. If your case loses, you don’t need to reimburse us; repayment comes directly out of your future settlement proceeds. Our simple application process takes just 60 seconds. To learn more about our settlement funding options, apply now or call us at 866-323-1340 any time.

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