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Motorcycles are 25 times more likely than cars to be involved in serious accidents; motorcycle-accident related injuries are often severe and permanent. Apply online for motorcycle accident legal funding and get your cash in as little as 24 hours! Call Lawsuit Cash 24/7 at 866-318-3002 now to learn more.

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Lawsuit Cash 24/7 provides an easier alternative to motorcycle accident lawsuit loans. Our funding is non-recourse; loans in their traditional form require you to pay back the principle regardless of your accident and financial situation. Legal funding is a cash advance take out of your future settlement. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, you know the recovery and path to compensation can be long and difficult, and filing a wrongful death claim for a loved one who perished in an accident can be even more challenging.

We provide a lawsuit advance for motorcyclists involved in serious accidents caused by another party’s negligence. Now you can pay nothing out-of-pocket and not have to wait until your legal settlement for cash you need—now.

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If you are in need of quick cash while you wait for your case to settle or you are awaiting for your payment from a settled case, contact Lawsuit Cash 24/7 today for a lawsuit loan. If you do not win the case, you owe us absolutely nothing!

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 5,172 motorcyclists were killed in 2017. Riders are more at risk because their vehicles are smaller, lighter, and have no protective enclosure; motorcyclists therefore face greater risks from impacts and factors such as road conditions. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents across the country include:


  • Alcohol: The NHTSA reported 28% of motorcyclists killed due to accidents in 2017 were intoxicated. Alcohol and drug use is a leading cause of accidents, injuries, and deaths.
  • Road defects: Cracks, bumps, or rocks and pebbles on the road present serious hazards, as motorcycles offer limited protection against road defects at high speeds. Federal or local agencies may be liable for improper road maintenance or placement/notification of hazards.
  • Speeding: Driving faster than the speed limit or than is practical in poor road or weather conditions can cause a rider to lose control and/or hit other motor vehicles.
  • Lane splitting: Riding between lanes allows motorcyclists to pass through congested areas. Although some riders feel it’s safer than traveling behind cars, lane splitting puts them at risk of vehicles unexpectedly changing lanes, opening doors, or not seeing them.
  • Texting: Texting or even talking on a cellphone while riding a motorcycle takes a rider’s attention away from the road and slows down their response time.
  • Inexperience: Less experienced motorcyclists are more prone to accidents; they may not know how to deal with certain situations and may take greater risks.
  • Lack of visibility: Riding in motorists’ blind spots, traversing road curves or over hills, or riding in sun glare can hide motorbikes from the view of other drivers.

Other causes of motorcycle accidents include following too closely, failure to yield right of way, and construction zone hazards. Mechanical malfunctions can also result in motorcycle crashes. In such cases, the manufacturer of the part or vehicle in question may be liable to compensate you for damages.

Getting Motorcycle Accident Legal Funding

There are many reasons you may need an advance. Research has shown nearly two-thirds of those who receive auto accident loans use them to pay back rent or avoid foreclosure. Financial limitations impact many families in the U.S., with about three-quarters of households living paycheck to paycheck. Legal fees can strain your finances, especially when you’re figuring out how to pay medical bills and other accident-related expenses, but a cash advance can cover these as well so your case can continue.

The benefits of a non-recourse auto accident loan alternative also include:


  • Financial support if you’ve lost wages due to an accident-related injury.
  • Compensation for future lost wages during recovery or if you become disabled.
  • Funding while recovering from bone fractures, herniated disks, burn injuries, and spinal cord and/or brain injuries.
  • Compensation for the wrongful death of a loved one.
  • Payment for loss of consortium or companionship if a spouse or partner dies.
  • A cash advance whether you’re an injured driver, passenger, pedestrian, bicyclist, motorcyclist, or a victim of a rideshare vehicle accident.
  • Funding for living/medical expenses, mortgage payments, child support, rent, and/or college tuition/student loans.

Benefits of a Pre-Settlement Loan for Motorcycle Accidents

Whether you apply for pre-settlement funding or a post-settlement advance while you wait to be paid, legal funding is not a loan at all. There’s no fee to apply and no hidden fees. Your current employment status or work history don’t factor into our decision. There is also no credit check; nor do you need to pre-qualify, which can delay having cash to pay the bills and for daily expenses. All we require is your attorney’s information.

Other benefits include:

  • Cash can be received within 24 hours
  • Pay nothing out-of-pocket
  • No up-front fees
  • Repayment comes out of your settlement
  • If your case doesn’t win, you don’t owe anything
  • Low interest rates, based on the risk of your case

With legal funding, you can pay legal fees, medical bills, and for repairs, while there are no restrictions on how to use the cash. You can pay rent, utilities, and for groceries even if out of work, facing stiff medical bills, and recovering from your injuries.

If you need cash now, you don’t have to go into debt. You can also afford to continue your case and enable your attorney to work on winning a maximum settlement, so you get what you deserve. Motorcycle accident loans can put an undesirable burden on your already difficult situation. Apply for legal funding instead and benefit from fast approval and cash you can start using soon.

Applying and Qualifying for Motorcycle Accident Legal Funding

Concerned about how you will pay for medical treatment before a settlement is reached? Apply today for motorcycle accident legal funding and learn immediately if you qualify. We’ll discuss your case with your attorney and that’s it. All you need is to have retained a lawyer and not be at-fault for the accident that caused your injuries. We can pull funds out of your future settlement, by purchasing an interest in it, or as a post-settlement advance if the insurance company takes time to pay up or the defendant isn’t cooperative or can’t pay the entire balance at once.

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Our goal is to secure legal funding for our clients as quickly as possible. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, apply now for motorcycle accident legal funding. We believe you shouldn’t wait to receive the cash you need. To receive your lawsuit advance within the next 24 hours, apply online and submit your requested loan amount and the name and phone number of your attorney. For more information, call us toll-free at 866-318-3002 with your questions and to learn more about our non-recourse loans and pre-settlement funding.

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