A cash advance on a pending lawsuit enables you to receive funding even though the case is still ongoing. Otherwise, you may be pressured to settle early. This would mean a smaller settlement thatโ€™s just enough to pay off some debt, not compensate for your injuries and the changes in life they have caused.


At Lawsuit Cash 24/7, you can apply for lawsuit funding in a minute. You do not have to be employed or have good credit to be approved. Weโ€™ll speak to your attorney and make a cash offer within 24 hours. Itโ€™s that simple, but there are things you should know about getting a cash advance, such as:

  • It is non-recourse, meaning you wonโ€™t owe us back anything if your lawsuit doesnโ€™t win, unlike a loan that requires you to start paying it back right away.
  • Pre-settlement funding enables your attorney to proceed until they can get a full reward from the defendant or an insurance company.
  • We only provide funding with your attorneyโ€™s approval, structuring our offer based on your case, the urgent expenses you need to pay, and to maximize the amount received with the final award.

What Do I Need to Qualify for a Lawsuit Cash Advance?

A personal injury lawsuit can take two years or more to reach a settlement. But you can qualify for a pre-settlement funding advance on your pending lawsuit much sooner. You just need to have retained an attorney (who works on a contingency basis) and been injured in an accident that wasnโ€™t your fault. When you provide us with information, we speak to your personal injury lawyer, who provides the details we need to approve your advance.

If your case does qualify for funding, we use those details to create a hypothetical estimate of its worth. Case value depends on the nature and impact of your injury, your liability, and available insurance coverage. As time goes by, we can better estimate what your case is worth, especially when settlement negotiations are ongoing and offers start to be made. Sometimes when a cash advance wasnโ€™t available before, a case later becomes eligible for pre-settlement funding.

How Do I Know If My Case Is Eligible for Funding?

As with any lawsuit, youโ€™ll need documentation and evidence to back your claim. Insurance information, photographs, and medical bills are just a few examples. Speak with your attorney to determine exactly what youโ€™ll need. The cases we most often fund include automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, and wrongful death. The greater the value and odds of winning, the more likely we are to approve a cash advance on the case.

What Can I Use the Cash Advance For?

While your lawsuit is pending, you can use a cash advance in place of lost wages. The advance can also compensate for future lost wages if youโ€™re out of work while recovering or are permanently disabled. If youโ€™re recovering from a bone fracture, burn injury, or spinal cord/brain injury, a lawsuit cash advance can be very useful. Your funding can also be used to pay for living and medical expenses or the rent, mortgage, or a student loan.

Apply with Lawsuit Cash 24/7 Today

If you apply now, you can receive up to $100,000 in 24 hours. You can get a cash advance on a car, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle, or rideshare accident; dog bite; wrongful death; or slip and fall case and pay nothing out of pocket. Apply now or call us toll-free at 866-322-5595.

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