Car accident lawsuits often take years to resolve. While plaintiffs await compensation, they often run out of money to pay the bills and maintain their quality of life, let alone continue a lawsuit. In the legal marketplace, cases often get settled early for less than theyโ€™re worth. However, financial constraints donโ€™t have to limit you while a case is pending litigation or when the legal process gets drawn out. Financial assistance from a lawsuit financing company can support you in the meantime.


How the Car Accident Settlement Process Works

The trauma of the accident is just the beginning. You need to contact local law enforcement, exchange insurance information with the other driver, and seek medical attention even if you feel okay. The next step is to file a claim with your insurance company and a third-party claim with the other driverโ€™s insurer, while being extremely careful what you say.

Oftentimes, settlement negotiations take place between you and the insurance company. But if substantial injuries are involved, the insurer may not offer enough money, a lawsuit may be filed. When this happens, liability (or fault) of the litigants must be determined. Information and evidence must be gathered and, before any settlement is reached, there are negotiations and appeals to considerโ€”sometimes there may be a trial; even afterward, obtaining the funds can take time.

How Litigation Funding Can Help

Even if you believe you deserve compensation, it can be some time before you see any compensation youโ€™re entitled to. Litigation funding can help if youโ€™re struggling to cover your expenses when injuries are preventing you from working and earning a salary. It is a form of cash advance that can be used to cover any of your expenses. There are no restrictions on what you can spend your advance on.

Once you receive the cash, you can use it to cover:

  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Gas, electric, and other utilities
  • The cost of fixing/replacing your vehicle
  • Repairs to your home
  • Child care and other family obligations
  • Food, clothing, and school supplies
  • Holiday or birthday gifts
  • Doctorโ€™s visits, medication, surgery, and other medical costs

Once your funding is approved and transferred to your bank account, how you manage your finances with it is up to you.

Determining if Litigation Financing Is Right for You

The bills wonโ€™t stop coming in just because youโ€™re injured and awaiting a car accident settlement. You might need financial assistance, but not qualify for a loan (or prefer not to deal with the associated expenses). Unlike loans, there is no credit check and you only pay back the cash advance as a portion of your case revenue. There are no out-of-pocket expenses and you owe nothing back if your case doesnโ€™t win.

When evaluating this option, itโ€™s important to find a litigation funding company that believes your case will win. The company will lose its investment if the case fails. If the company keeps adjusting its rates based on the circumstances, look for one with fixed rates. But if you donโ€™t want to deal with monthly payments, plus interest, regardless of whether your case wins or loses, you can avoid further financial distress with a lawsuit cash advance.

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