Why Is My Personal Injury Case Taking So Long?

Jun 12, 2019

It’s not uncommon for a personal injury lawsuit to take longer than originally estimated. The length of a personal injury case is dependent on many factors. Your accident attorney may be on top of every requirement. Still, some cases take longer to settle than others.

Below are some of the primary factors that can prolong a personal injury case:

Injuries Sustained in a Crash

Before a case value or settlement is agreed upon, you must reach maximum medical improvement, or MMI. Your attorney can know the long-term impacts of an injury only if you have fully recovered or have stabilized or improved as much as expected. Every accident and injury victim’s experience is different so calculating MMI can be challenging. Even if someone else sustained the same type of injury, there can be a drastic difference between their outcome and yours. Waiting longer for a settlement can actually improve the chances of being fully compensated for injuries and other damages.

The Extent of Injuries and Damages

The complexity of a case is determined in part by how serious your injuries and the damages incurred from an accident are. On top of that, insurance companies often try to delay personal injury cases. They might ask for limited details at the beginning. By having limited information, they’ll have to ask for more later, or a different adjuster may be assigned to your claim. Whether the adjustor says to use your health insurance to pay the bills or you feel it’s time to give up, let your attorney handle all matters related to insurance companies. The process may take a while, but personal injury lawyers are experts at negotiating with insurers.

Insurance companies may also:

  • Conduct prolonged investigations of high-value claims.
  • Try to prove your injuries are exaggerated.
  • Question your credibility as a plaintiff.
  • Question the integrity of your defense.
  • Take time to admit a case is credible.

Legal Challenges

The legal challenges of seeking a settlement often arise due to insurance companies. An insurer’s objective is to pay the least possible. To accomplish this objective, they may dispute the entire claim or the value of a case. Once settlement negotiations begin, your lawyer and the insurance company may go back and forth on numbers for a while. Favorable outcomes tend to take more time, but there can be a higher reward in the long run.

Whatever the challenges in your case, do not be tempted to settle early. You deserve maximum compensation; the insurance adjuster’s job is to make it seem like you don’t and to reduce payouts as much as possible. To make this process easier, lawsuit funding is available. It can help you pay medical bills and make up for lost income in the interim. By waiting for a motor vehicle accident settlement, you may be entitled to millions. Your patience can, therefore, be rewarded.

At Lawsuit Cash 24/7, you can apply online in 60 seconds and be entitled to cash advances of as much as $100,000. We can help support your financial needs while your case is pending. Receive your lawsuit funding in as little as 24 hours once you apply and we speak to your attorney. No matter what, your personal injury case will take time. Apply for legal funding in Los Angeles with no out-of-pocket costs and repayment based only on your use of the money, how long it takes to recover, and the time of your case to settlement.

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